Celebrate World Whisky Day at @Sandton Hotel

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Taking place on the 21st of May, World Whisky Day is a fabulous opportunity to gather your friends and enjoy a dram or two of the good stuff. And where better than at @Sandton Hotel? Our Cigar Bar is currently hosting a whisky and cigar pairing, where three premium cigars have been paired with three excellent whiskies.

So why do cigars pair so well with whiskies? Essentially, it’s because they both share many of the same flavour profiles – smokiness, spice, a touch of sweetness and an overall richness that warms the palate. They are also an invitation to savour the moment, to sit back, relax and appreciate the tastes and sensations they offer. And naturally, this is an experience that can be enjoyed by yourself or accompanied by good conversation with friends.

The whiskies that have been selected for this exclusive pairing represent some of the finest available on the market, and all hail from Scotland – a country renowned for its exceptional whisky. Paired with Partagas D4, the distinctive Laphroaig Select combines five specially-selected casks from the Islay distillery to create a smoky, peated whisky with a surprising sweetness. The Glenlivet 15 Year Old from the Speyside region brings flavours of sweet fruits and delicate spices, and is paired with a Monte Christo Eagle. Paired with the incomparable Cohiba Behike 56, the equally sophisticated Johnnie Walker Blue Label brings a velvety combination of vanilla and honey to the glass, with secondary flavours of orange, hazelnut and dark chocolate.

Take a browse through the cigar and whisky pairing menu below to find out more on the fine cigars you can enjoy in this experience.

Cigar & Whisky Pairing

Partagas D4 | Laphroaig Select | R350
A spicy cigar with interesting stages that make it one of the biggest selling Cuban cigars in the world, with hints of cedar and wood.

Monte Christo Eagle | Glenlivet 15 Year Old | R550
It burns unevenly but draws well, offering a heady combination of savoury wood and nutty notes. The finish is sweet with marzipan and sassafras.

Cohiba Behike 56 | Johnnie Walker Blue Label | R1300
There’s a strong leathery, nutty quality to the smoke of this dark, oily cigar. Notes of brown sugar, espresso and dried berries also emerge before the rich, chocolate finish. The draw is bit firm but the combustion is even, slow and cool.

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