Meet Palesa Moima: @Sandton Hotel Sales Manager

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Passionate about being part of the growing @Sandton Hotel brand and driven to offer her clients an unforgettable experience, Palesa Moima tells us about herself and why she loves what she does. 

Tell us a bit about yourself.

I am a young, career-driven woman from Soweto who first joined the hospitality industry about 13 years ago – initially without much experience, but with a huge amount of love for the industry. 

What do you love about what you do?

I love interacting with people, networking and offering an unforgettable experience. Sales require passion and it’s always a fulfilling moment to reach targets and be a part of a winning and growing brand such as @Sandton Hotel. 

What do you love about working at @Sandton Hotel?

It’s an amazing experience to be part of this unique Vision of Luxury and a first-of-its-kind hotel. I feel an immense sense of pride to be part of this hotel and its team.

What makes @Sandton Hotel such an amazing place to visit?

If not @Sandton Hotel, where else? We have breath-taking views of Johannesburg and its surroundings, as well as beautiful and comfortable rooms that create a unique experience every time one walks in. We offer a wide range of facilities to meet each guest’s needs and wants from our welcome area, in-house cinema, @Sandton Spa, Pilates studio, deli, creche, in-house doctors and so much more. One must experience it to fully grasp what makes @Sandton Hotel so unique. 

What is your favourite space within the hotel?

The East Wing Penthouse because it’s calm, tranquil and just being there for a few minutes helps me to recharge. 

What would you recommend to our guests to not miss out on during their stay? Both within the hotel and within Sandton/Joburg?

The hotel offers delicious food and amazing dining options. One must experience the private cinema and indulge in a cocktail or two by the pool and take in our stunning views of Johannesburg and its surrounding areas. And let’s not forget a pampering treatment @Sandton Spa!

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